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Golden Eagles Athletics

Gilford High School


Golden Eagles Athletics

Gilford High School

Golden Eagles Athletics

Gilford High School

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Posted 5.0 years ago @ 9:46AM

Note from The Athletic Director

Gilford High School Athletics

Excellence on Display”

Gilford High School has a rich tradition of excellence in athletics across the State of New Hampshire.  The community support is evident in many ways.  The coaching and commitment of our athletes is outstanding as well. I also understand the wonderful opportunity that athletics plays in the role of fostering a sense of “community” in our towns.  My hope is that cheering for our athletes and teams will continue to bring us together. 

Our coaches and programs have goals to win and be successful, but goals are short term.  Participation in athletics at Gilford High School is education-based and has a “Purpose” to build lifetime character traits in the young people in our care. 

I believe in the tremendous influence that participation in athletics plays in the development of young people in creative thinking, communicating, problem-solving, collaborating, and in the development of life skills such as perseverance, initiative, and leadership.

I certainly hope that as a community we will be leaders in good sportsmanship and understand the role each of us plays in modeling appropriate respect for our opponents, coaches, fans and athletes.


Rick Acquilano                                                                                                                                           

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